2022 Editorial Calendar


Closing Date: 11.19.21 | On-Sale Date: 1.14.22

New Year, New Energy: Fuel 2022 with renewed spirit and passion. We seek out the best ways to optimize and revitalize your physical health, mental wellbeing, motivation, and sense of optimism.


Closing Date: 12.17.21 | On-Sale Date: 2.11.22

The Innovation Issue: We celebrate the latest advancements in wellness and honor the inspiring women influencing change in fields like STEM.


Closing Date:
1.14.22 | On-Sale Date: 3.11.22

Clean Living: The most current research and news on green, clean, sustainable living, including how to be kind to the planet, make smart choices to protect your health, and the products with strong missions and integrity.


Closing Date:
2.18.22 | On-Sale Date: 4.15.22

The Skin Issue: New science, treatments, and products in skincare and suncare, plus the best expert advice for head-to-toe skin health.


Closing Date: 3.18.22 | On-Sale Date: 5.13.22

No Bounds: Discover new adventures, joy, and enthusiasm by adopting a no-limits mindset–and feel more optimistic and present every day.


Closing Date: 4.15.22 | On-Sale Date: 6.10.22

Strong, Healthy Body Issue: We round up the best advice and strategies to maximize physical strength and brain power–for a bold, confident, resilient you.


SHAPE Women Run the World™
Closing Date:
6.17.22 | On-Sale Date: 8.12.22

Strength and Confidence (Women Run the World): Meet the inspiring women who are shaping wellness today, and find out what gives them purpose and drives their determination.


Closing Date:
7.22.22 | On-Sale Date: 9.16.22

Beauty Issue: SHAPE’s annual Beauty Awards: The very best out there in skin, hair, makeup, body and mission.


Closing Date:
8.19.22 | On-Sale Date: 10.14.22

Fuel Your Passion: Why finding meaning in your goals makes them easier to achieve; how to get in tune with what excites you to build internal strength and life fulfillment.


Closing Date:
9.16.22 | On-Sale Date: 11.11.22

Happy, Healthy Holiday: The little moments that bring joy and the daily experiences that create meaning this time of year.

In Every Issue*

A-List Celebrity Covers: Multiple-page cover story

  • The Body Shop: Shoppable wellness marketplace
  • Everyday Athlete: A celebration of women living an active lifestyle

Be Unique
Beauty for Every Style and Style for Every Body

Featured Franchises

  • Vibrant Hair: Best techniques and products for healthy hair
  • Skin Smart: Actionable and science-backed tools to protect and nurture the skin you are in
  • Beauty Lab: Dives into the research, innovation and backstory of a relevant topic or product analyzing the latest science and tech
  • What Makes You Pretty Happy?: A celebrity or influencer shares their beauty ritual
  • Style 360°: Fashion editor picks
  • The Beauty Index: Key issues that are impacting the beauty and wellness consumer*

Be Strong + Well
Health and Wellness Super Section

Featured Franchises

  • SHAPE Studio: Spotlight on an on-trend workout developed with our roster of star trainers
  • Keep It Clean: Keeping your wellness routine clean, based on emerging science and new products
  • Healthy Spaces: Creating a healthy, happy home with organizing strategies, easy entertaining ideas, garden tips, and much more
  • Getaway: Inspo for exploring new areas, feeling rejuvenated, and newly inspired
  • Immunity +: Keeping your body strong and healthy by building immunity and taking on healthy habits
  • Pet Life: The pet-human connection
  • No Bounds: Explores being active outdoors
  • Wellness Lab Series: Reports on evolving innovations in health and wellness
    (Rotates between: Wellness Lab, Health Lab & Fit Lab)
  • Let’s Talk: Wellness Q&A with an industry expert
  • Mom Life: Explores active family living*
  • Femme Zone: Explores the many facets of female sexual health*

Be Food Smart
Creative Ways to Eat Healthy

Featured Franchises

  • Plant Life: Tips and tricks to veggie-based meals
  • Fast Track: Highlights a single food topic (i.e. breakfast) and offers a roundup of tips on how to best prepare and enjoy
  • The Sip: Explores the world of beverages, from flavor-packed smoothies to cocktails with a healthy twist
  • Food Lab: Dives into the research & innovation of a relevant topic or product analyzing the latest science and tech
  • How I Eat Well: A look at how a celeb or influencer really eats

Rotating Franchises

  • Women Run The World: Profile on a game-changing woman making strides in her field*

*Appears in select issues