2021 Editorial Calendar


Closing Date: 11/20/20 |  On-Sale Date: 1/15/21

New Year, New Outlook: Looking ahead to a year of renewed commitment to self-care, we explore the best new methods for optimizing your physical health, mental wellbeing, motivation and sense of optimism.


Closing Date: 12/18/20 |  On-Sale Date: 2/12/21

Women Influencing STEM: We honor and engage in conversations with the most inspiring women influencing the STEM fields, especially those areas that are newly emerging and under-the-radar.


Closing Date:
1/15/21 |  On-Sale Date: 3/12/21

Clean Living: The most up-to-date research and news on clean, sustainable living, something the Shape consumer cares about deeply. In this issue, we address how to protect the environment, make smart choices to safeguard your health, and the products with a mission to get behind.


Closing Date:
2/19/21 |On-Sale Date: 4/16/21

The Skin Issue: We investigate the latest innovations in skincare and sun care, including new science, products and treatment—and provide the best ways to nurture your face and full body.


Closing Date: 3/19/21 |  On-Sale Date: 5/14/21

No Bounds: How to expand your boundaries every day, inviting adventure, excitement, and novelty into your life to become more engaged and present.


Closing Date: 4/16/21 |  On-Sale Date: 6/11/21

Body Issue: Building strength and improving health is the focus. We offer the best advice and strategies to do both—plus feel bold, confident and full of body pride.


SHAPE Women Run the World™
Closing Date:
6/18/21 |  On-Sale Date: 8/13/21

SHAPE Women Run the World™: Meet the inspiring women who are shaping wellness today, and find out what makes them strong, resilient and driven.


Closing Date:
7/16/21 |  On-Sale Date: 9/10/21

Beauty Issue: SHAPE’s annual Beauty Awards: The very best out there in skin, hair, makeup, body and mission.


Closing Date:
8/20/21 |  On-Sale Date: 10/15/21

Emotional Balance: Why being in tune with your feelings and having a handle on your emotional state leads to internal strength and deep life appreciation.


Closing Date:
9/17/21 |  On-Sale Date: 11/12/21

Happy, Healthy Holiday: Take joy in little moments and absorb the everyday experiences that make this time meaningful to you.

In Every Issue*

A-List Celebrity Covers: Multiple-page cover story

  • The Body Shop: Shoppable wellness marketplace
  • Everyday Athlete: A celebration of women living an active lifestyle

Be Waterproof
Beauty & Style for the Active Life

Featured Franchises

  • Vibrant Hair: Best techniques and products for healthy hair
  • Skin Smart: Actionable and science-backed tools to protect and nurture the skin you are in
  • Beauty Lab: Dives into the research, innovation and backstory of a relevant topic or product analyzing the latest science and tech
  • What Makes You Pretty Happy?: A celebrity or influencer shares their beauty ritual
  • Style Lab: Trend focused style page*
  • Scentric: Exploring the connection between scent and well-being

Be Strong + Well
Health and Wellness Super Section

Featured Franchises

  • SHAPE Studio: Spotlight on an on-trend workout developed with our roster of star trainers
  • One Perfect Move: The breakdown of one mega multi-functional workout move by one of our expert trainers
  • Mom Life: Explores active family living
  • Keep It Clean: Keeping your wellness routine clean, based on emerging science and new products
  • Getaway: Inspo for exploring new areas, feeling rejuvenated, and newly inspired
  • Immunity +: Keeping your body strong and healthy by building immunity and taking on healthy habits
  • Pet Life: The pet-human connection
  • No Bounds: Explores being active outdoors
  • Lab Series: Reports on evolving innovations in fitness and wellness and reports on the latest technology available
    (Rotates between: Wellness Lab, Health Lab & Fit Lab)
  • Let’s Talk: Wellness Q&A with an industry expert

Rotating Franchises

  • Women Run The World: Profile on a game-changing woman

Be Food Smart
Creative Ways to Eat Healthy

Featured Franchises

  • Plant Life: Tips and tricks to veggie-based meals
  • Fast Track: Highlights a single food topic (i.e. breakfast) and offers a roundup of tips on how to best prepare and enjoy
  • The Sip: Explores the world of beverages, from flavor-packed smoothies to cocktails with a healthy twist
  • Food Lab: Dives into the research & innovation of a relevant topic or product analyzing the latest science and tech
  • How I Eat Well: A look at how a celeb or influencer really eats

*Note: In Every Issue unless noted as rotating.